My Neighbor’s Husband

My neighbor Heather is a sweet girl. Her husband Frank is My pet. Shh Heather does not know. Giggles. When she is away Frank comes over begging for My attention.  He crawls over threw the backyard and puts on the collar hidden in a jar and scratches at My back door.  I always smile when I hear that scratching.  That means My pet has come to play.  I let him in and he crawls straight to living room with his legs spread wide palms up on thighs back arched ass out head lowered and eyes cast to floor out of respect.  I walk up to him and he leans down kisses My feet and whispers hello Goddess I have missed you.  Good pet I respond patting him on his head.  I spread my legs wide My pussy in front of him.  “Eat up My pet I say cum eat My pussy pet”  Eagerly he starts to lick and twirl at My clit I grab a clump of his hair and push him into My pussy. Pushing My hips down on his face.  Do you wish that you were My pet? That this was you. instead of Frank?  It can be.  I Am always looking for a trainable pet.  Lets finish this story together.Domination phone sex

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