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I could feel you watching me from across the room, and I could tell you were getting hard just by looking at my long sexy legs. I could tell you were imagining how tight my pretty pussy under my skirt. Well, tonight was your lucky night because I needed a toy to play with, and you were kind of cute I guess. I walk right up to you and told you that you were going to be my slave for the night. When you asked what was in it for you I nearly cried laughing, and I asked if you were stupid. Slaves get nothing. Point blank.. I made you drive me home, and pulled you inside with me. I planned on just riding you until I came, but your cock was just far too small. An itty bitty tic tac isn’t going to make a girl like me cum. So, I tied you down to the bed and forced you to lick my pussy until I came, but sadly you were no good at that either. Such a shame such a cute toy completely useless. I left you tied up, and made you watch as I bent over the couch. I watched you squirm trying to get some kind of relief as you watched me make myself cum. By the time I came you were begging me to touch that tiny thing you call a cock. You even offered to pay for a round trip vacation wherever I wanted to go. That is what got me to agree. As soon as I touched your cock you almost came right in my hand from all of the built up tension, but I made you beg and cry to cum. You weren’t completely useless after all your begging certainly made for good entertainment, and I can not wait for that cruise to the Bahamas. Thanks slave. XOXO

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