New Car Itch

best phone sexI went shopping for a new Audi today, and I saw her sitting on the showroom floor and knew immediately that she would be mine. That must be how men feel about women most of the time, and in a way this car was my girl, too. Though I didn’t need to drive it to knw that I wanted the car, the sales person insisted that we go for a drive. As I drove along, I noticed that his eyes were glued to my legs. I had on a short dress and heels. You know, I had been so focused on the car that I didn’t even realize how hot this guy was. Once I realized it, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting it on with him. I wanted to do it right then and there. So, I pulled over and when he asked me how I liked it, I leaned over and kissed him. It was hot and heavy immediately so I unzipped his pants and climbed into the passenger seat sitting on his lap, and riding his cock till we both exploded. It felt really good to be spontaneous like that, and I ended up getting a great deal on my girl.

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