Nose Ring Piggy Michael Oinks and Squeals!

My favorite kind of little faggy piggy is one that sqeals when she is excited! Poor little Michael, all she seems to do is squeal and oink – so Mistress Levi made her wear her piggy nose ring so that the whole wide world knows how much she loves to be a little silly piggy! She walks around feeling just like a pink little faggy piggy and people just laugh and laugh. She loves all the attention and is so happy to show off her nose ring like she’s the prettiest little piggy ever! Nose ring Piggy Michael oinks and squeals!

sissy training
This little piggy went poo poo
Then this little piggy oinked once
Then this little piggy oinked twice
And this little piggy had a teeny weeny winky
And this little piggy danced a jiggy
And squealed squealed squealed all night long!

She loves to wear her piggy nose ring so that everyone knows how ridiculous she is and how much she loves to be humiliated by superior females like myself and Levi. The other girlies and I have been laughing at the little piglet for so long and she just eats it up – snorts it up like the little squealing piglet she is! Poor poor little piglet, she just can’t get enough attention, so she has to be made fun of and made to do things that only sissy fairy fags do. That’s all she deserves though, and I look forward to every time Levi makes her SQUEAL!

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