Obey Your Way To My Feet

foot fetishes

Your foot fetishes make we wet. WHy because I know this teen mistress can control you with them! See You will come to me with your cock cage on and I will seduce you with my stockings. Pink and lacey. Silky and nude. It really doesn’t matter as long as you obey my every wish you will get to run your hands up and down these legs and even tickle my bare toes. edge play phone sex

My what perfect feet and splendid toes these are. I keep them perfect and I know you want to lick them. Bow to me and run your tongue along the inside of my feet. What a good man you are now up between my sweaty toes. OH, how your cock is growing in that plastic pink cage. Do you want to be released? Only if you promise not to touch it. This sweet young Mistress wants you to run your hands all up and down her body. Give me a good tongue licking and your dick can go right here between my feet. Oh but wait, you won’t get to cum just yet. Beg me to make you cum, I’m right here baby, how will you submit for your orgasmic lust?

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