Pathetic Sissy Fairy Piggy Michael

I am still laughing my pretty ass off at how pathetic little sissy fairy Michael is! She is being blackmailed by his Princess Levi, and its so funny how her pathetic little sissy ass thinks that her little fairy songs and begging is going to change anything! She needs to reach inside her little piggy purse and get out her little piggy money and just pay up without all the whining and little pansy games she tries to pull!

sissy phone sex
Poor Levi, having to listen to her sad whining and ridiculous excuses. She needs to be punished. And the worst part? She had been waiting all day to poo poo in her panties! Finally she was allowed to and made such a yucky mess of her frilly panties. What a horrible little pathetic girl she makes. Her tiny pee pee and jingle balls covered in disgusting poo poo as she swung them back and forth! So gross and yet she loved every second of it!

She pretended to be embarrassed, but I knew better – she loved the feeling of that dirty poo inside her little panties. She sang and sang and begged Levi to not expose her to even more people in her life. So…. sad…. and just typical blase’ pansy behavior. Definitely in need of more manners. The little piggy fairy was being laughed at the entire time and didn’t even know it. All she knows is she deserves to be treated that way by all of us superior girls. Girls she can never ever be like no matter how much makeup she puts on or how many dresses she wears. Suck it up little piggy fairy – give Levi what she wants or we will all laugh endlessly at what she has in store for you!

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