Phone Humiliation

phone humiliation

Sometimes all a man needs is a little phone humiliation. See Edgar likes to buy me expensive things and take me to lunch but not once has he shown me his dick. I have had my pussy eaten until I had multiple orgasms with my honey dripping down his chin, but when asked if he would fuck me he said that he would get around to it.  I was this perfect sweet honey pot that needs spoiled. Of course, I knew I was dealing with a little penis man. I am not stupid and I continued to find the darkest Strongest BBC carrying jocks at school to fuck me into bliss. But my cuckold self-needed to see his tiny dick.. My fetish was overtaking me. It became all I could think about during class. In the shower, I played with Charlie the shower head and got my little cunt off and an idea popped into my naughty brain. I invited Bryan the quarterback to hook up and put my iPhone on record. After my cunt and throat were sore from taking That BBC deep I did some editing and sent Edgar a little humiliating video asking to see his cock and if he enjoyed the fact I had to seek large cock because he couldn’t do the one thing this teen whore needed. Minutes Later I received a text simply saying to have Bryan and I meet Him at the Plaza Hotel. This is going to be fun! …

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