Public Bathroom Fuck

I was at a club dancing when I could feel a guy grabbing my ass behind me, to my surprise I knew this guy. He was my best friends ex-boyfriend, that didn’t matter though. He was rich, attractive, and most of all- had a very nice cock. I let him take me to the bathroom and I bent my ass over for him right there. He stuck his throbbing dick in my tight little pussy and he felt so good.

Best phone sex

I knew the people in the stall next to us could hear me moaning but I didn’t care, the sex was just too good. He took his large cock out of my dripping cunt and made me get on my knees and take it all in my mouth. I could taste myself all over him, that was so hot. This had to be a mess-free fuck as we both had to go back out there so he let his load off in my mouth and I swallowed it gladly because it tasted so good, we both walked out of the stall and everyone in the bathroom was staring at us.

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