Sex In The Office

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I’ve been at the law firm working as a paralegal for two weeks now. And I can tell by the looks the male attorneys are giving me, Steven told someone about our after hours sexual escapade. I was angry at first, but then I thought maybe I could use this to help my career. I set my sights on the owners of the law firm, Chris Lawson and Peter Tarvis. Chris Lawson would be my first victim. I went into his office as if I had questions about case paper work. When he’s not with a client he usually keeps his door open to keep an eye on the paralegals . But when I walked into his office he asked me to close it. I leaned forward bending down to reveal my beautiful cleavage, and asked a general question about a case. I have big tits and I know how to use them. I caught him looking and I smiled slyly letting him know I knew he was looking. That’s all he needed…he stood up and walked behind me. He yanked up my skirt, pushed my panties to the side and pushed his hard cock inside me. “This is what you want!”, he moaned into my ear. My wet pussy told on me, I wanted him. My face against his desk with my hands bracing myself against his deep thrusts, I couldn’t contain my moans. He was the boss, no one would complain. He turned me around, sat me on his massive desk, and pulled my panties off. I laid back on his papers and spread my thighs giving him a view of my bald, black pussy. He dove right in licking and sucking on my wetness. I held the back of his head, grinding myself against his face. This man could eat pussy! When I came, I felt electricity shooting through my body. I shot cum all over his face. “Oh my God, you’re a squirter”, he told me as he kept eating my pussy. He got so excited he shot cum all over the floor. My pussy is so good, I’ll be the head paralegal in no time.


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