Sexual deviant needs a shopping spree

GFE phone sexMen love to call me their nasty, sensual and sexual deviant, and I really cannot blame them! I get what I want, when I want it and exactly how I want it. Right now, I need a shopping spree for a new Fall wardrobe and guess who is going to get the pleasure of spoiling me?! That’s right, you are! I know it makes your cock fucking throb to be given the opportunity to please me, let alone take me out and about to hit the town to go on a big shopping adventure! I always look like a dime piece for you too, sexy head to toe with supermodel looks in my tiny little dress and heels that I have on! In your twisted little mind, you think I am your girlfriend, haha! Whatever helps you sleep at night babe! I am more than happy to give you the GFE phone sex experience! After all, you would never be able to even have a chance with a girl like me in real life whatsoever. I am way out of your fucking league and you know it! Buy me all the shit that I want you to buy for me, I am going to have you blowing stacks on me and best believe, I am not petty when it comes to keeping a budget in mind! With me, there is no budget, no amount is too much. You will do anything that I ask and I love having you wrapped around my sexy finger! Be a good boy and spare no expense on your sexy queen!

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