Sexy Babe Fucks Her Best Friend

Me and my best friend have been close since our sophomore year in high school, so when she slept over a few nights ago I was surprised to find out she was experimenting with girls. It all started out with her telling me the few women she had met online and hooked up with and how none of them were really doing anything for her. That’s when I got an idea, we should have some fun. I was a little nervous to tell her, but she was so excited and said that’s why she brought it up in the first place. If any girl could make her feel good, it had to be her best friend! We began making out, and I cupped her large tits, damn they felt so nice in my hands. It was then when she grabbed my hand and led it down to her panties. I moved them over to the side and began playing with her clit. She was going insane! She loved the way I was touching her, and said she even wanted to touch me.

Sexy babe I bent over the couch to give her a nice view of my pussy from behind and she immediately shoved her face in it! Feeling her tongue fuck me and move her tongue in circles around my clit was getting me so close. That’s when I laid down and told her to get on top of me in the 69 position. She began riding my face and eating my pussy at the same time, mmm she tasted so good! I was getting so close and just as I was about to finish, I began squirting all over her face. She finished not too long after me and after she said it was the best orgasm she ever had! I loved making my bestie feel good!

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