She Made Me Jealous So I fucked her

fantasy phone sex

Not Many sweet Young Sluts can make your dreams come true, but I can. See You wanted to make me Jealous fucking my classmate Kelly. Well, you made sure you were caught, I don’t care who you fuck but she was getting all my time and attention. She said she didn’t care if you had a small dick because she could take your cock and balls in her mouth at the same time. She lies to you when she says she can feel your dick fucking her sweet little honey pot. Kelly Like Big Cocks. She is a slut with just the desire to be spoiled. You are my cucky Man! I grabbed her from sucking your cock after school, I pulled her hair down to the floor and put my high heel on her perfect tits. She was so scared and I noticed you we stroking for me! That’s my good Sisisy Daddy! Why Spend MY allowance n some little whore who doesn’t make you feel the things I do?  I know you needed me because you wouldn’t have text me to come over to use you if you didn’t want My mIstress Side to show and put little whore Kelly In her place. I laid her out and put my fist in her tight cunt, Oh How she moaned and begged me not to stop! See, She likes to be filled up, not pretend daddy. I think this night is going to need lots of Bull cock for all three of us!

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