She’ll Never Know

best phone sexSo it turns out the new neighbor couldn’t resist me after all! We’ve been sneaking around behind his wife’s back for a couple of days now. He’s fucked me in their marriage bed, on their new couches, their family dining table where they all sit around and pretend to be a happy family. I squirted all over that table. Every time the wifey takes the little one out on an excursion, he and I fuck like two horny co-eds. Even when she is home, he can sneak out to the backyard to tinker with something and by that, I mean me! Just today, I texted him to look out their kitchen window, near where she was cooking dinner. I had positioned myself presenting my ass and pussy to him on their swing. She’ll never find out how I milk her husband dry multiple times a day. Poor thing. What else is a man to do when the person he marries lets herself go?

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