Surprise in Sissy’s Purse!

Poor little sissy fairy faggot Michael… she has a BIG day coming up and she knows that to celebrate her big Sissy Day, she has to dress up in her Miss Piggy dress and nose and go everywhere Mistress Levi tells her to. All you girlies will be so excited to hear what the pathetic little sissy has to do to out herself! We all know how she loves to carry her little faggy purses around and put things inside them so she feels pretty and pretends to be a pretty little girlie like we are.

Well, besides her lip gloss and her tampons – in case her little bum starts to leak from excitement – she is going to have her new business cards! She will be handing them out to all the real men who are laughing and pointing at her. She will smile really big and even sing songs as she passes them out to everyone she sees. The cards will have her real name and phone number and website on them. Everyone who gets one will be able to log on and see what a truly pathetic little faggot fairy she really is.

She is getting them ready now, and learning her new piggy song that one of the other girlies got her started on. Such a sad humiliated little fairy she is going to be while she hands out the cards to all the people laughing at her. In the meantime, I am sending all her info to everyone I know, even in the Phoenix area, so that they can be sure to find her when she is out and about doing everything Mistress Levi tells her to. I am laughing so hard right now after listening to her try to play with her itsy bitsy limp winky and cry about how scared she is. Soooo pathetic. She better do a good job and then thank Mistress Levi for letting her be humiliated, or things will only get tougher on the poor little faggy piggy….

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