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I have always been asked how I became such a pro homewrecker. And the answer is easy, I have always had such a thing for married men. Even when I was just a young little slut, I enjoyed seducing married like my best friend’s dads, my teachers, my swim coach and even my step-dad. That’s right, even my own mother’s husband! She married such a young hot stud, I just couldn’t resist. Besides, he was closer to my age than hers. And I knew he couldn’t either. I knew he want my young hot bald pussy sliding up and down on his thick cock. So, I made a plan to seduce him. I wanted my step-dad to be my first married man. With my skimpiest bikini, I laid out by the pool and waited for him to see me. Looked at my tiny teen body up and down and I showed him my perky teen tits. His cock got so hard, I couldn’t help myself but to lick him from the tip of his cock down to his balls. I worked his thick mushroom head with my teen mouth and slurped up his oozing sweet precum right into my whore mouth. I shoved his cock balls deep inside my little teen mouth. Down to my throat, gagging and sucking on his rock hard cock. I wanted it so bad. I leaned back and pushed my bikini bottoms to the side exposing my young tight teen cunnie. My step-dad pushed me back on the pool lounger and shoved his sopping wet cock deep inside my little teen cunt. He popped my cherry and make me scream his name as I squirted all over him. So you see, I love being a mistress. I don’t care how many homes I wreck, even if it is my own.


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  1. patrick

    your pussy is delicious!

  2. Devan

    Wow you make my dick rock hard and your voice makes me cum.

  3. Luis

    My sexy sweet Eden…

  4. Alf

    Your a naughty little slut. Naughty sluts need naughty spankings.

  5. chad

    Damn u sexy baby

  6. Tony

    All I have been thinking about is you.

  7. Vausto

    love your dirty mind slut

  8. oscar

    you have the hottest voice

  9. Vinny

    I need a hot mistress like you

  10. Joe

    You are so sexy and fine.

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