Tennis! My new favorite sport!

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Well guys, to be quite honest, I’ve been kind of bored lately. I decided that I needed to find a new hobby. Some sort of sport would be great; it would keep me busy and I’d get a bit of exercise to keep this tight little ass in shape. What better sport for a lonely housewife than tennis? I know there are plenty of rich guys at the country club that wouldn’t mind doing a few lines of coke, playing a couple sets, and then pay me to suck the sweat off of their cocks. One of the Pros offered me a few complimentary lessons since I was just a beginner. I found tennis to be an exhilarating sport, but the part I like the best is showing “coach” a few of the things that I’ve learned in exchange for him teaching me how to play. Give me a call if you want to give me a few good hard lessons, or we can skip straight to the showers, your choice!

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