Thanks Neighbor!


naughty neighbor phone sex


Ever since my husband and I moved in next door to you and your wife, you haven’t been able to control your wet dreams and fantasies about having me all to yourself. My husband is much older than me by a long shot and our relationship is wonderful however sexually we are missing that “spark” newly weds should still have. You and I have developed a strong friendship over the past few months and it’s not unusual at all for you to stop by to have a glass of wine with me before our partners finally make it home from work. Let’s just say we’ve had a lot of time to get to know each other and on this particular day I’ve had a little more chardonnay. I confess to you how drab and boring mine and the Mr’s sex life has gotten. I complain that he doesn’t even want to so much as try anal or even get a little vanilla kink involved. You blurt out without even thinking, “I cannot believe that. I mean, you’re so freaking hot Candy! I would have a hard time not getting crazy on you!” It’s at that moment it clicks and we start uncontrollably making out and taking off clothes. The fact that we are outside on the patio by the pool doesn’t phase us, in fact it makes it even better because the element of getting caught factors in. I start sucking your cock like I’ve been starving for a flesh stick all my life and you finger my pretty pink asshole, feeling how juicy and wet my pussy is getting as well. I climb on top of you and you slide your cock right into my ass and begin bouncing me on your lap. My tits pop out and are in perfect reach for your mouth to suck on while you deeply make love to my ass. You pull me down hard and explode inside me just as I start to cum as well. Rocking me gently before you slide out. That was exactly what we both needed and I’m hoping we’ll need it more soon. 😉

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