The little neighbor boy has his first P mommy

Best phone sexMe being the cougar I am, had to go visit the new neighbors they have a teenage son that I just couldn’t wait to meet. I decided to wear a skimpy little white dress and some sexy panties underneath just in case. I walked over and knocked my pussy dripping awaiting the door to open, and then bam there is there hot ass son looking straight at my tits as he opened the door. I went in and to my acknowledgement his parents weren’t home, so he started to show me around and we went to his room. I acted as if I was intrested in the design of his pants but really I just wanted to see that big fucking cock in my face. I came on a little strong when I just started to unbutton his pants and pull out that big cock and start sucking every inch of it. He looked down at me and could barley control himself as I went deeper and deeper.

I started rubbing my pussy and slowly I took my soaking wet panties off and shoved them into his mouth. I told him I was his new p mommy and that he was going to do whatever I said. I told him to get on his knees and start jerking his cock to me rubbing my cunt for him. He did as I asked and then I bent over and told him to come fuck my tight p mommy pussy. He came over and started thrusting his cock in and out until he just couldn’t help himself and busted all in my tight cunt.

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