The New Neighbor

naughty neighbor pornI saw the “For Sale” sign finally get picked up out of our next door neighbor’s yard yesterday afternoon and a moving truck arrive this morning. I’m the head of the welcoming committee in the neighborhood, so it was pleasure to bake a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies to put in a lovely basket and take next door as a little “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. A plain disheveled woman answered the door and with a quick smile ran out after a rugrat. A handsome man, her husband, came to the door, seemed to be embarrassed by the lack of control his wife had of their little one, “they’re off to check out the new daycare”. They got into their minivan and left and the husband invited me in. He was wearing gray sweatpants, and a white t shirt. He was scruffy, muscular. I could see his cock hardening with every word I spoke. I suddenly imagined him taking me right then and there on the kitchen island. A tight, well-put together babe like me… how could he resist me?

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