The Race

Sexy phone chat

I love to jog. Everyday after work I run the jogging trail at the park. I put on my shortest jogging shorts and tennis shoes; and I run 4 miles. I exercise to keep my chocolate body sexy. I like turning heads with my big titties and fat bubble butt. I got sexy curves but I’m in good shape.  I like to get there around 6 pm because he’s always at the park at that time. His name is Evan, and he’s a sexy blonde god. Tall and muscular, this white boy gives me wet panties. I would often daydream what he looked like without his clothes.
First we would just nod as we passed each other. Then we would playfully race to see who was the fastest. Some days he would win; some days I would win. Then one day he stopped me and proposed making the race more interesting. He told me he’d never been with a black woman.We would race to the fence at the back of the park. If he won, he would take me behind the bushes and fuck me. If I won, he would eat my pussy. Either way the odds were in my favor.
We lined up side by side. On the count of 3 we took off running. My wet pussy wanted him to win. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside of me. I slowed down slightly giving him the win. Inside I was giddy with anticipation. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to a private section of the park. I pushed him down onto his back (I wanted to be on top). I pulled off my shorts and panties. He pulled his long and thick cock out. It was so big my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I straddled his body, sliding his dick inside me. He fit me like a glove. I rocked back and forth grinding myself against his body. Then I began to bounce up and down, his eyes followed the motions of my big tits. I cried out to God because it felt so good. All of a sudden he sat up, pressing his chest against my tits, and wrapped his arms around me tight. I felt his hot cum shooting inside me.
He kissed me on my lips and said,” Now I understand the saying, once you go black you don’t go back'”.

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