The therapist in IN..and out.

phone sex therapyYour wife was telling me over coffee that you’ve been having a little erectile dysfunction problem. She said that your poor little dickie just can’t cut the mustard anymore. I suggested some phone sex therapy.

What she doesn’t know is that you’ve been giving me all of your sperm. Oh yes. As soon as she leaves to go sit for your daughters brats, you head over to my place. I welcome you with open arms and open legs. You may be old and gray but that fat cock gives me a thrill. You look like a kindly grandpa but wasn’t I thrilled to find out that you had skills in bed. You fuck me so much better than my husband does.

I feel kinda bad for your wife though. I even gave her a new vibrator for her birthday and suggested that she find some young dick. Meanwhile, I am teaching you all kinds fo things that she never did for you. Like licking the tender underside of your balls. Or your puckered hole. Or the way I tickle that prostate when I need you to cum just one more time for me. This is some good therapy. If you are older and need some special attention, I’m here for you, too.

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