We Always Have Paris

GFE Phone sex sexy smart girlWhen I was fresh out of school, I told my parents I was going to spend a weekend with some girlfriends at the beach to celebrate graduation. The truth was I was being flown to Venice and Paris, for a whirlwind romantic getaway with my Dad’s best friend. He wanted to give me a special graduation present, dinner in Paris and brunch in Venice. At that point in my life, I had never been overseas. I had a major crush on Ted. Every school girl friend of mine did. Handsome, wealthy, intelligent and so very nice. Always lavished me with gifts. Now, I was woman. I could finally pay him back for years of kindness.

When we were on the plane, I couldn’t keep my hands off Ted. He seemed a bit shocked, but willing. I put a blanket over our laps, unzipped his pants and gave him a hand job, which of course led to joining the mile high club for the first time. We were in first class and had a big bathroom. Felt so good to have his cock in my pussy for the first time. I had dreamed of it for years. Older men are such better lovers. He made me cum with just his cock.

great blowjobs girl next doorWhen we landed in Paris, he had a special candle light dinner prepared for me at a little cafe overlooking the Eifel Tower. I should have been jet legged, but I was wide awake on school girl love. It was hard to believe that I had just been in California, now I was having a romantic dinner with a sexy handsome older man in the city of love. After dinner, we stayed the night in a lavish hotel. We made love almost all night long. I had chills fucking the man of my dreams in Paris, France. I wasn’t a virgin before Ted, but I might as well have been. No boy I had fucked before him, made me cum.

The next day, we caught a red eye to Venice. He arranged a romantic gondola ride on the Grand Canal, followed by some site seeing. Another night of lovemaking in a posh hotel resulted in my first anal experience. Ted was very gentle, worked his cock in so slowly and tenderly. Amazing. I had no idea that anal sex would feel so good. I have been somewhat of an anal whore since then. Of course I always think of Ted, Paris and Venice when I fuck on a plane or get fucked in the ass. There was much more two that amazing romantic getaway, but it goes down in my history as the best weekend ever. I never fucked Ted again sadly because of his friendship with my father, but we will always have Paris.

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