We Got A Sugar Craving

2 girl phone sexSo me and Caprice were hanging out with our friend Trent who we like keeping around cause he is just fun as hell to tease. When Caprice mentions craving something sweet, which actually didn’t sound like a bad idea. I suggested a sundae since we had chocolate syrup, nuts and some whipped cream. It was a hot day out, but unfortunately Caprice discovered we didn’t have any ice cream. For a sundae we need more than just the toppings. Then I got the fun little idea, if we couldn’t have a ice cream sundae we had the ingredients for a cock sundae. Caprice didn’t have to do much enticing to get Trent on board for our dirty little snack. He was rock hard when we brought him into the kitchen. Caprice started with pouring chocolate syrup all over his shaft while I added sprinkles and little nuts. Once his cock was covered in sugary goodness we put on a big line of whip cream along his shaft. Then we slowly licked up the sugary goodness, our tongues working together to clean his cock. By the time the last sugary part was licked off by Caprice, I was working on sucking out the cream filling. I felt him began to throb so I slowly down just a bit with Caprice licking the bottom of his shaft as she inched over beside me. We held our mouths opened and close together waiting for the best part of our dessert.

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