You Can’t Cum

Tease and denial You always want what you can’t have, and that’s why Tease and Denial is my favorite game. Do you want to play with me? Have a seat and watch me undress. Let me bend over and grab my ankles. Do you like the view? Doesn’t my hairless pussy look like it’s begging to be fuck? Or would you like to run your tongue up and down my wetness? Maybe I should tie your hands behind your back, because what I’m about to do to you requires a lot of self control. I’ll run my tongue up and down your hard cock and swirl it around the tip. Next, I’ll suck you for a few seconds, because I want to take you to the edge. I’ll start and stop, over and over again. And even though I won’t let you cum, doesn’t mean I can’t. Watch me spread my thighs and let my fingers play in my wet pussy. I want you to see me make my eyes roll back and hear my moans from pleasuring myself. Have you ever seen a girl squirt?

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