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sexy chicks

I love film and theatre and often find myself getting roles thru my agent that were pretty satisfying. My love is for the pure art of it all. As much as most people crave attention and fame, my passion for film was pure to transcend feelings and create that audience and performer bond. When a role came to me to be a nudist on a beach, I was initially apprehensive. The story was well put together and told a story about a modern girl getting thrust into a nudist community. I would have to shed my comfort zone and allow myself to be objectified a bit. When filming began, it was so surreal. I was so nervous, but eventually, seeing the crew and cast stare at me and watch me got me all horned up. After a couple of weeks, I got acquainted with every crew member and cast member. At the wrap-up party, we celebrated with a full-on orgy, and I have to say sexy chicks are fun and can give you a fun time. You can’t forget that  and great porn is fun, but being involved in a production that turns into an orgy is something you can’t stop. The indie film created a lot of buzz, especially with the hot poster film. It was quite the wild ride that filled me up in more ways than one.


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    Sexy sexy body. Hot as fuck baby girl.

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