A MILF’s Day Treat

milf phone sexI don’t always go looking to be a MILF, the opportunity just seems to find me. Like the other day I had ordered some groceries to be delivered. When they arrived, I opened my door only to find this nice-looking young man standing there. I invited him in, admiring him as he carried my groceries to the kitchen. I just so happened to be wearing nothing but a white silk robe as I had just gotten out of the shower and was still wet and getting wetter in some spots. I followed him to the kitchen asking him to place the groceries elsewhere and “accidentally” brushed my nice big titties across his back. I could see in his face that he liked it. So, we chatted a few and I made sure that my robe was open just enough that he could see my freshly shaven bald pussy. I then asked him if he could help me move something in my room. He obliged and we went into my bedroom. As he moved the furniture in my room, I studied his nice ass and what was now a bulge forming in his pants. As he turned toward me, I dropped my robe and embraced him with a passionate kiss that only a grown woman knows how to do. I guided his hands to my firm titties and had him pinch my nipples until my pussy was dripping. I laid him back and hovered my pussy over his face guiding his head with my hand until he had licked my clit and fingered my asshole until I couldn’t take it anymore and I squirted all over his face. Not to let him leave unsatisfied I got on my knees and took every inch of that young hard cock down my throat and let him fuck my throat until he filled it with his nice warm load. I have a feeling he will request to deliver my groceries from now on. Next time I think I will ride that nice hard cock until we both cum.

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