A ride on the anaconda

sexy legs

Solo fun with BDK was much needed. After having a blast with the head sugar baby in charge and being vetted by the primary sugar baby Papi King wanted a one-on-one. I will admit I felt pretty nervous, and even BDK noticed. It’s quite hard to focus when you have a tall, dark, handsome living legend right before you.

Papi King wanted me to have a ride on his Anaconda. He began asking me questions making sure I was well aware of the NBWO rules and also trying to see if I could handle Anaconda alone without the help of hottie Cassandra. It’s intimidating but so hot, and it’s the best experience to be right next to the only champ of all champs. BDK knew my sexy legs would spread and let Anaconda go deep inside. I was shocked to see how big and strong he was, and I wanted to ride it more than anything. No boy my age could come close to what papi King does. There’s no comparison.

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