Bad Lover


Domination phone sex

Tabitha Stevens as the Dirty Princess.

Your friends are foul, and you don’t even care. All your friends try to pour their cocks into my squirting pussy. I think of you, and I know I love you, so I can say what I’m saying. You are a small cock motherfucker. I’ve given you chances something different so many opportunities that it’s extreme. Every time I allow you to fuck me right, you fucking disappoint me. You are the problem, and you know you are. Your heavy drinking and your tiny cock drives us both apart. How can we be lovers if you stay drunk and have a nothing cock? I’m lost with you. I can’t find my freaky self. I have love for you, but you need to get an operation to make your cock grow, I need some evidence that you want me. My heart is bleeding for you, but my pussy is bored with you. You’ve caused me pain each time you come around because you run off the guys with big dicks. You’re such a case of fucking Disturbing Behavior why can’t you leave me because I don’t want to be with you anymore. You’re begging, and crying at the front door isn’t going to work any longer. I guess you don’t even have a care in the world because your little dick is gross, and you won’t change it. I think you want to hurt my heart. You’re a desperate small cock fuck up. I should have known, and you were not going to get the surgery; that’s why I’m doing something different. I know something else too. You’re fucking cruel; in my book, that’s why I fucked your only friend; you said that you depended on me, and then you told me you depended on him. You were trying to throw me off. I laugh in your face because he was not even a friend at all; he was the guy you are fucking behind my back. That’s right, bitch, I know all about your faggot shit. You are a twisted soul, indeed, yes you are. I wish you would stay gone the next time that you leave don’t come around any more keep the fuck away from me. You had sex with my mother; you put a strap-on and fucked her like she was your lover. You had your fucking mouth wrapped around her pussy lips; you don’t have any shame at all. You’re a twisted motherfucker I want you to understand you’re no good for me. You want nothing, and you don’t even care.

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