Beauty is a word that encases everything around me. My world is beautiful, yet cruel. I am just a small taste of cruelty. I am Goddess Claudia and I am what you would call a “Trophy Wife”. I may be the prize my hubby puts on the mantle, but he has not quite made it to the finish line yet. You see, I own him. He is mine: my slave, my sissy, my forced crossdressing pet, my cuckold. I am his Mistress, his Goddess, and his world. He will do anything I ask without question. He is fearful of my punishments if he fails me. He is fearful of my denial and CBT, since they always end in his tears at my feet.
Join my pathetic hubby and I as we journey every day to find the perfect companions during our kinky sex play. Become my nightly lover as my pathetic cucky hubby watches from the closet, or becomes your slave pet. I give you permission to use him in any way you see fit. For it amuses me to watch him turn into a sissy slut. As you worship my body I will remind him over and over what a real man feels like. My beauty is what you desire. My body is what you crave. You do desire to be my cuckold phone sex slut, correct?
Even if you, yourself, are a pathetic sissy in need of a Goddess or Mistress. In need of a supreme female to guide you on your path to complete homosexuality, you will find a place here. I have many toys I love to play with. They all have the same thing in common, they all worship and shower me with gifts, tributes, and pictures of themselves furthering their own phone humiliation. I have many ways to help you accept your fate. I will find the core of you, and twist it to my advantage, all the while coaxing you to the edge of obsession and pleasure. You will never find another Alpha Female quite like me. Just ask my cucky hubby. And if you think you have what it takes to hold my attentions for more than just a laugh, pick up the phone and give yourself to me. Then we can discuss your place in my bedroom. & If I seem to be unavailable send me an email. I have many sessions just waiting for you.

Until then you can go on wishing your balls where in my hands…
Goddess Claudia

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    • Tom on February 8, 2017 at 4:46 pm
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    I am 29 and married to a beautiful sexy wife and can’t stop thinking about the fantasy of her cuckolding me and fucking a much stronger man with a huge cock.

    Can you help me fulfill this fantasy while I masturbate?



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