Hot sexy woman means business

Hot sexy womanI’m a hot sexy woman businesswoman who calls all the shots. You hired me as your front desk receptionist, and you can’t help but notice that all of your employees seem intimidated by me. They scramble away when they see me, you call me into your office to discuss my unprofessional behavior towards the other employees and particularly my assertiveness towards the men in the workplace. I tell you that I don’t take orders from any man, I come behind you and start massaging your shoulders; getting you to relax and lie back in your chair. You breathe out a heavy sigh and start to relax and close your eyes. As you open your eyes, you alarmingly look at my friend across from you with a BBC. He is stroking his huge cock and I tell you that I’m in the mood for some small cock humiliation. I go ahead and torture you with some tease and denial by slowly stripping all of my clothes off in front of you. I get on top of your desk and start masturbating, while looking you in the eyes and telling you that you aren’t man enough to handle a sexy women masturbating. That your cock just isn’t enough to satisfy me. He puts his huge BBC inside of me, stretching out my cunt. He tells me that I will no longer be a sexy dominatrix that I will be his whore from now on while you watch. I feel him go so deep inside me that I scream. I rub my sexy breasts playing with them for distraction and look at you and tell you that when he finishes you will lick my freshly fucked creamy pussy. Does this make you horny baby? If you think you’re man enough to handle me then let’s give it a go and see if you can shoot your big cum shot.

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