Getting Down And Dirty With A Hot Sexy Woman: Life Goals!

Hot Sexy WomanNothing is hotter than a group of mature hot sexy women on the prowl for some young vivacious cock. Girl week is always the perfect time for us ladies to be on the hunt when we are away from our husbands. I may be one of the young ones in the group but that doesn’t mean I have any less fun. 

Seeing my ladies playing with the young pool boys and waiters makes my cunt wet. Little cubs will satiate us cougars at any chance they get. They know the sweet reward of fun and experience they are sure to receive when they come to play. We will head out on the town and invite a few lucky studs up to our hotel suite for an xxx party where we will teach them just how to pleasure superior women. How to use your mouths to lick our bald sluts and suck our clits into their mouths flicking their tongue across it. Eager they always are to prove their studly ways to us too. They love showing how hard and large their cocks are as they penetrate the back of our throats. So pretty are superior women their lipsticked lips sliding up and down a stiff horny pole. 

Their young masculine charm lasts way longer than old men. Their stamina can even go for many rounds or edge for hours spent pleasing mature women begging for their aged squirt in their eager mouths. So much cum covers our hotel suite every year when we leave Vegas. We always are sure to tip our housekeepers well. However, I am sure they are very used to this by now. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas after all. 

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