Cuck for your Coworkers

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I can take more than one dick at once and you are going to watch me do it! Tonight is the night we host the dinner party to celebrate the promotion you worked so hard to get. Your raise is just the cherry on top of the ego boost bumping elbows with CEOs will give you.  It’s a shame that your new hoity-toity peers are about to see how much you love to be my cuck! They are impressed that a dweeb like snagged a cup of hot cocoa like me. That makes you feel like a big man strong man, huh? LOL. I’m going to get that ego in check by sucking them off while you sit there and watch. I’m such a cum guzzling slut when a big dangling cock is in front of me. You’ll never get this side of me because that little dick could never make me get on my fucking knees. I guarantee your hung rich white coworkers won’t decline the offer to gangbang me after dinner! You thought your wife was just a lovely homemaker that wants to help you impress your sophisticated friends but my plan has always been to make sure everyone left with their bellies full and their nuts empty! Each of them will have a handful of my tits while I stuff my mouth full of their meat. After our four-course meal, I’ll have plenty of room in my belly for the gallon of cum I intend on swallowing.

Whatever is left over on my tits and pussy you can lap up like a fucking cuckold phone sex mutt!

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