Hot For Teacher

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexI have a neighbor I have been hitching a ride with while my car is in the shop. He is a high school teacher and my office is right across the street. I usually walk over to meet him but today he said he had a meeting with the principal, and could I wait for him in his classroom. You bet his fine ass I could. I had been looking for this opportunity. I walked through the school turning all the young studs’ heads in awe of my hot ass before entering his classroom. I waited about 5 minutes and when he hadn’t arrived, I decided to have a little fun. I removed my dress, bra and panties, grabbed an apple and climbed right on his desk and waited. I heard footsteps approaching his room and the door opened. There I lay, naked across his desk. He stammered a few words before coming closer. I could see that dick was hard through his khakis. He approached and I sat up removing his serious teacher glasses and grabbed his neck for a long passionate kiss. My pussy was getting wetter and I pushed his head between my legs for some tongue action. He licked my pussy, fingered my pussy and pinched my nipples until I was moaning softly in ecstasy. I then hopped down, removed his pants, laid him on the desk, climbed on that dick and rode his like only Anna can do. Soon we were both climaxing, and the entire room smelled of our sex. He laid there naked on his desk with a great big smile. I think I might be hot for teacher.

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