Hot Sexy Woman Exhibitionist

I love my big bay windows, It makes it so easy for a hot sexy woman to show off her naked body.  There is a hot banker who bought the house next to me and when his tiny trophy wife leaves, I make it a point to be naked right in from of my window. Today I got my favorite dildo and was playing with myself with my leg in a chair the moment he looked over. He didn’t just watch he got out his dick and started stroking it. I finger him over and pointed downstairs. He nodded closed his robe and was gone. I met my naughty neighbor downstairs. He looked good for his age. He had thrown on running shorts and a t-shirt.  He could not contain the erection as I opened my door naked and pulled him inside. The neighbors would talk, and I was sure my own husband would hear all about his whore wife in whispers. “Oh, Mr. You have a nice cock,” I said as I sat him down and got between his knees. He smiled as I swallowed him whole. I bobbed up and down reaching between my legs fingering myself so I could take him deeper and faster. He growled and thanked me by giving the back of my throat a hot splash of jizz. I kissed him hard and told him to hurry back as his wife would wonder if she got home before she did. I am going to have so much fun fucking my neighbor.

Hot sexy woman

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