I Begged Daddy For More Inches!

Roleplay Phone Sex

When I started taking daddy’s cock I was so young and tight, daddy’s six inches felt like enough to satisfy me. Once daddy opened me up, I got more and more curious about all different kinds of cock. I’d watch porn after school all by myself with my nanny just down stairs. I’d be quietly massaging my wet little cunny in my parent’s bed, I even used mommy’s little pink clit massaging toy that made me squirt all over the sheets. I’d watch for hours, bigger cocks than my daddy’s going in and out of tight little pussies just like mine. My eyes bulged as I saw my first thick dark cock stuffing a tight pink pussy, I fingered myself harder and felt my young twat pulsing all over my own fingers. I came hard but I knew needed more… I wanted to be filled deeply and stretched to my limit with cock. I begged daddy to get a bigger dick to use me just like he did, he came hard inside me just hearing me ask for it. I knew daddy would deliver; I knew I could count on him to feed my cock starved cunny. I fucked daddy’s golf buddy with a thick 10-inch dick, the perfect size to fill me up air tight, make my little girl pussy cream all over it and leave me begging for more!

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