Ass fetish Freak need to Stretch out hole

Ass fetish

I think I grew up with an Ass fetish. I remember in my early teens wanting to play with my ass more than my cunt. There is something about my sweet ass cheeks being played with and caressed that makes me so aroused. I have a few different butt plugs and a fucking machine that I sometimes back my ass up to. If you happen to be an ass virgin then you can’t and don’t know the pleasure that is right inside that sweet anus hole. Sometimes I set up my fucking machine in front of the mirror so I can watch that tight hole tighten right before it enters all the way and loosen when it’s all the way deep inside of me. On occasion I’ve found two partner at one time vying for my sweet butt hole. And if there is another lovely lady in the room maybe I can taste her ass on a stiff cock. I love everything ass and can’t get enough stretching that unstretchable hole.

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