I Have an Ass Fetish, Do You?

ass fetishI have an ass fetish. Porn makes it seem like men are the ones obsessed with anal sex, but women love cock in the ass too. I discovered anal sex later in life when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was the size of a house, and my husband at the time was trying to fuck me and his little cock accidentally went in my ass. He had a small dick, so it did not hurt. I barely felt it. But it made me realize that something in my ass was not such a bad thing after all. I felt his cock in my ass much better than I did my pussy once I delivered our baby girl. My husband and I began to have anal sex all the time. I would rub my pussy while he fucked my ass. Then I hit my 30s, and I realized that I needed bigger cock for my pussy and my ass. My husband was not down to be my cuckold, so I had lovers and used big sex toys. Before long, I was divorced and having lots of lovers. I would tell guys to fuck me in the ass so I would not get pregnant. I was a single mom. I was on the pill, so I would not have become pregnant. I just fancied myself an ass sex porn star, LOL. I still do. I do love a big cock in my pussy though, but in my ass, it does not have to be as big. Over the past 20 some years, I have become a size queen, a college professor and a therapist. I help save marriages like mine. I could not save my marriage, not even with hot anal sex. But I have learned that cuckolding can save marriages and for couples who do not want to open their marriage, I teach them all about the joys of anal sex. An average cock will feel bigger in a woman’s asshole than her pussy. If a man is willing to fuck his wife’s ass while she plays with her pussy, she can have a hard orgasm. I want to help you save your marriage. That is why I became a phone sex therapist.

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