I Love Nosy Neighbors

naughty neighbor phone sexI love nosy neighbors! I just love giving them something to look at. So, I decided it was time for me to wash my car. I put on the tiniest bikini and got right to it. As I was filling up my bucket with soapy water, I noticed my neighbor Sean from across the street pulling into his drive way. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he sees what I’m doing. I started to rinse off my car with the hose, spraying it on full blast so that I could get all wet. I bend over and get the sponge from my bucket and start washing my car. I noticed from the corner of my eye Sean, walking in my direction. I continued to wash my car pretending I didn’t see him. Sean was a married man but, that didn’t stop me from what I was going to do. Sean came to me and asked me if I seen Fedex come to his house today. I walked around to the opposite side of the car. I squat down pretending to scrub one of the wheels but, instead slipped off my bikini. I told him I didn’t see them today, as I walked right up to him. He tried to cover his eyes but, I told him it could be our little secret. I uncovered his eyes and I seen the crotch of his pants start to grow. Made me hot and horny instantly! I started to take off his pants right then and there. Once his pants where off, he had me bent over the hood of my car. Then he fucked me, so hard with his huge dick that I cummed, twice. Only because I knew the other nosy neighbors where watching!

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