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Cock Sucking My Pool Boy

Cocksucking Phone Sex

I hired a new pool boy because I got tired of my old one. It’s always nice to upgrade! My new one is named Cody and he was super cute. I knew he was the one I wanted to have fun with! One day I invited him inside for a glass of sweet tea. I purposely spilt tea all over him just so I could get his shirt off. Then I grabbed a towel to try to dry off his pants, pressing hard on his crotch. Hopefully by then he would of gotten the hint. He stood up and smiled at me and that’s when I took off my clothes. I left my panties on so he could see how wet my pussy was. Just drenched my white little panties just thinking about sucking his big cock. I unbuckled his pants, dropped them to the floor and whipped out his huge hard cock. I grabbed his balls and started playing with them as I started sucking his cock. I wanted to make him cum all on my pretty face. So that next time he comes to clean my pool, he can clean my sweet pussy with his mouth!

I Love Nosy Neighbors

naughty neighbor phone sexI love nosy neighbors! I just love giving them something to look at. So, I decided it was time for me to wash my car. I put on the tiniest bikini and got right to it. As I was filling up my bucket with soapy water, I noticed my neighbor Sean from across the street pulling into his drive way. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he sees what I’m doing. I started to rinse off my car with the hose, spraying it on full blast so that I could get all wet. I bend over and get the sponge from my bucket and start washing my car. I noticed from the corner of my eye Sean, walking in my direction. I continued to wash my car pretending I didn’t see him. Sean was a married man but, that didn’t stop me from what I was going to do. Sean came to me and asked me if I seen Fedex come to his house today. I walked around to the opposite side of the car. I squat down pretending to scrub one of the wheels but, instead slipped off my bikini. I told him I didn’t see them today, as I walked right up to him. He tried to cover his eyes but, I told him it could be our little secret. I uncovered his eyes and I seen the crotch of his pants start to grow. Made me hot and horny instantly! I started to take off his pants right then and there. Once his pants where off, he had me bent over the hood of my car. Then he fucked me, so hard with his huge dick that I cummed, twice. Only because I knew the other nosy neighbors where watching!

Sexy GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexThis gfe phone sex babe was on fire last night. I was on a hot date with a married older man. He suggested we stop into the local gentleman’s club for a nightcap. I was game. With him being married, we are limited where we can go without him being recognized. In a strip club, everyone wants to be anonymous. Turns out it was amateur night. My sexy married lover said he would give me $1,000 if I entered. The prize was $2,000. If I won, I was walking home with $3,000 and if I lost, I still pocketed a grand. Not bad either way. I am a sexy babe, but I was in a place with a ton of hot chicks, so I was not overly confident. I was a gymnast in high school, so I knew I could work the pole. I got up on the stage and owned it. I worked my ass off to a Bruno Mars’ song. Guys were tossing bills on the stage. I loved the limelight. I gave the audience the full monty too. I’m proud of my body. I left the club with more than $3,000 dollars in my purse, a job offer, and a sexy married man. We fucked like wild animals in heat in the back of his car. Went back to my place and I gave him a sexy lap dance and we fucked some more. I had moves he didn’t know I had.

Sexy Babe and Mistress

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. I get my man always. I had my sights set on this married professor that lives two doors down. His wife is such a cunt. She is nasty to everyone. I know she is jealous of my sexy body and tight perky boobs. She gets Botox often. No doubt she has had work done too because her face never moves. I was happy to seduce her hubby just because she is a cunt. Anyway, I had it all planned out. I acted like I locked myself out of my house letting my pup out to pee. I had on just a silky pink robe and nothing underneath. I knocked on his door with my little Pom under my arm. We both gave him puppy dog eyes as I explained the predicament I was in. I could see the boner in his sweatpants. It was a cakewalk. I put my pup down and grabbed his cock through his pants. I started massaging him until he came in his boxers. He looked embarrassed, but I assured him it was all part of my plan. I needed him to cum quickly, so he would last to fuck my shaved wet  pussy. He was hard again in ten minutes and I was riding his cock like a horny cowgirl. I fucked him for a couple hours before I told him I was not really locked out of my house. He smiled. I think he was flattered I went though such lengths just to fuck him. It was work it. He has a huge cock.

Best Phone Sex Coed

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with a naughty coed. I always get what I want and who I want. Look at me? You are already wondering how to please me, I bet. I was at the mall this morning. I went before class because I want this new Coach purse. It costs way too much for my budget, but I know how to get things. I had on a short skirt, a tight top and a pair of high heels. I people watched for a few minutes until I found my mark. Older businessmen love me. I make them feel young and invincible. I got in his line of sight and it was a cake walk after that. I am very flirty. My super power is making men feel special and getting pretty presents for myself. It began with a latte at Starbucks and ended with a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. I got my Coach purse and several pairs of designer shoes. I guess it technically ended with his old cock in my shaved wet pussy. He got us a hotel room across the street from the mall. I missed by morning classes, but I needed to shop more than I needed to learn. My guess is my sugar daddy needed to fuck more than he needed to work. He got some young pussy and I got expensive things. Win-win, right?

Courtney’s Boyfriend

Hot sexy woman

A cute couple moved into the apartment next to mine. I could tell that it was a new relationship because they were so lovey-dovey, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Instantly, I wanted him. I could see myself naked riding his cock and it gave my cunt a pulse. I introduced myself and soon became friends with Courtney and Troy. And poor Troy didn’t stand a chance. I would wear the shortest skirts without any panties and when Courtney wasn’t looking I would flash my pussy. Troy’s face would turn so red and I recognized the lust in his eyes. He wanted me just like I wanted him. Courtney went into the kitchen to blend drinks for us. I spread my legs super wide and pushed to fingers inside. He rushed towards me and frantically licked my wet cunt. I grinded against his face, holding the back of his head. Any moment we could have been caught and that made me wetter. The loud blender covered my loud moans and gave us a warning when to stop. Soon, I would have Troy in my bed…

Fucking Cindy’s Husband

Sexy hot women

I’ve known Cindy my whole life, our mothers were best friends before we were born. She called me crying because she had a suspicion that her husband was cheating, and she wasn’t wrong. I’ve been sleeping with Jeff, her husband, for months. He was such a good husband to Cindy and it made me want him. Whenever he was around my cunt would get so wet. I couldn’t help myself, I had to seduce him. I had to have his hard dick inside me and I didn’t care about Cindy’s feelings. Every Saturday afternoon, we meet at a trashy motel and fuck like rabbits. He likes my face on the mattress and my ass in the air. He grips my hips tightly and spreads me from behind while stuffing one of my holes with his huge cock. He makes me so wet that my cunt starts making loud smacking noises everytime we fuck. Now, Cindy was crying in my ear about her unfaithful hubby and I feel no guilt. I feel hot and horny because I’m fucking her husband and she has no idea.

Fuck Him Then Send Him Home

Hot sexy woman

Ever since I was really young I’ve enjoyed playing with another person’s toys more than my own. And now that I’m older nothing’s changed except instead of toys it’s now men. I’m addicted to the challenge of seducing men to cheat. It’s a huge self-esteem boost when I get a normally faithful man to cheat. Nothing feels better than doing something forbidden. Hot sex in a cheap motel makes my pussy sloppy wet. I fuck them like a pornstar then send them home to their boring wives and girlfriends. I fuck them until I get bored then I move on to my next conquest. I’m a homewrecker with no conscience, I never feel bad. If these ladies did their jobs their spouses would race to get between my legs. I wonder do the wives taste my pussy when they kiss their unfaithful husbands.

Cathy’s Husband

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I’m taking a nighttime cooking class and we meet every Tuesday and Thursday. Cathy sits next to me and we’ve become good friends. She invited me to a family barbecue today. When I arrived she introduced me to her family and friends. She introduced me to her husband and I felt that familiar spark between us. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. Cathy is my friend but I can’t help it, I’ve always wanted what someone else has. Cathy and her husband have a huge house and when I caught him staring at me I walked away from the crowd of people and disappeared into an empty bedroom. A few seconds later, Cathy’s husband entered the bedroom and we were all over each other. We ended up on the floor of the closet completely naked trying to fuck quietly so that no one could hear us. I rode him like a cowgirl from Texas and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my beautiful tits. Bouncing on his hard cock felt so good that I came within minutes and his orgasm followed seconds later. We got dressed and returned to the party like nothing even happened. I know I’m a bad friend because there’s nothing hotter than someone else’s husband.

Being The Other Woman

Hot sexy woman

Nothing turns me on more than attached man. I see a man with his wife or girlfriend and becomes 10x more attractive. I’ve been seeing a married man for a few weeks now, and he loves that I do stuff that his wife won’t do. Dumb women, keep acting like prudes because there are women like me who will wreck your home. This man loves that I’ll put my tongue in his ass and I let him fuck me in any hole. I got him wrapped around my finger because I behave like his very own private pornstar. He puts his dick in my mouth and I always suck him dry. His wife doesn’t swallow but I love how his semen tastes. He wants to leave her for me but I don’t want him all to myself. It won’t be fun anymore without his prudish old lady. My cunt gets wet because being the other woman is so exciting.

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