I Love to be in Control

Cocksucking Phone SexI love to be in control. Absolute, complete control of any situation. So, it isn’t surprising that I love cocksucking. There isn’t an easier way to control a man that being good at giving blow jobs. They practically will melt into putty if you know how to use your tongue just right. I love it more than anything. I can take the cockiest ass man and once that dick is in my mouth he turns into a little submissive bitch, to do with what I like. I love to take my time, seductively removing their pants and boxers. Then kneeling in front of them and gently caressing their cock, causing them to jerk with every soft touch. Then I start licking, their shaft, the head, the balls and even their thighs. I like them to keep standing because then they are vulnerable. I take that dick in my mouth, only slightly at first and then work my way slowly until I have the entire thing in my throat. I give it a couple of good thrusts then remove my mouth completely. They stand with their bodies practically begging me to continue, but instead I kiss their thighs and balls before taking it deep in my mouth again. At this point I no longer tease and take that cock, relentlessly sucking that thing until they are trembling from the orgasm. I even clean that sucker up for them. Once they know how good I can make them feel they always come back wanting more. Sometimes I even say yes.

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