I want that ass

I might have a dominant streak, but it’s because I know what I bring to the table. Often women end up accepting lackluster relationships and partnerships. When I date someone, I always tend to show off my more soft side, but eventually, the beast inside wants to come out to play. I can’t be in the submissive role for too long. I will always gravitate toward using my toys and gadgets in bed. One of my ultimate favorite things is pegging a man. I must warn you once I peg you, I won’t ever look at you the same way again. Ever since I was a young coca domme in training there has been something in me that wants to go toe to toe with a man. It would behoove you to play nice and let me probe you like a little bitch!

I’ll have you know if you allow Madame in you won’t ever be viewed as a man again! But, on the other hand, if you don’t I’ll just have to take it from you! You’re supposed to be a man but I know I can overpower you! I’ll hold one hand behind your back while I ram my cock in your pretty little ass.

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