I’ll Be Your Naughty Tutor

sexy babe

How do you get someone hot like me to hang out with a loser like you? Simple just tell me you are dumb and need my help. Not to be conceited but it really turns me on when a guy acknowledges my intellectual prowess and looks to me for guidance. That’s just my kinky way of saying I like it when you know I’m better than you. However, it’s happened more than once that a guy is totally crushing on me and begs me to be his tutor. I love young college guys for that reason so desperate to get a chance with me. They’ll play even dumber than they really are for my attention. For some reason, it really turns me on so much that many of my tutoring sessions have ended with me fucking them. Something about riding a cock while reading off facts is quite a thrilling way to get them to study. Hopefully, they remember what we covered and not just the way my tits danced in their face.

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