Jacking Off My Neighbor

Fantasy Phone SexSo, I went to one of my friend’s book shows at her house. A dress up event with fancy drinks and fancy food. I was mingling when I saw my neighbor sitting in an off room covered with a blanket. I sat next to him and asked if everything was ok. He laughed and said he had dropped his glass of wine and it spilt all over his pants. The host had offered to put his pants and boxers in the dryer and that is why he was sitting on the couch covered. I laughed and told him I thought I might give him a quick neighborly hand job while we wait. He turned pink and said no because his wife was in the other room. Never deterred I reached my hand under the blanket and started stroking his cock. Surprising it was a rather nice size too. He was stammering and stuttering and a deep shade of red as I continued to stroke his cock. A few other passed by and chatted but I just kept on rubbing his cock. I could feel his body start to tense up and his dick start to jerk. I knew he was close, so I started jacking him off faster and harder. He unloaded all over my hand, the blanket and his shirt. I wiped my hand on the blanket and smiled at him as I got up just as his wife entered the room with his dry clothes. I laughed with her and said I think he spilled something all over his shirt too and she just giggled and said something like he is a little clumsy. I just winked at him and walked out.

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