Large boobs GFE with Eden

Fantasy phone sex

Masturbating my pussy and squirting was discovered and filmed by a skyscraper window cleaner. Soon to be my new boyfriend. I took a trip to the city and rented out a suite in a skyscraper. I went out to the bar with a few friends and had a few too many shots… Unfortunately for all the men that hit on me.. they did not get any pussy out of me. I just wasn’t turned on by a drunk man fucking a drunk girl. I love sensuality! Instead of all of that I chose to masturbate all night… I called phone sex lines and got myself a sweet talker.

He helped me reach my climax 7 times until I ended up squirting all over the bed. Meanwhile, a cute looking window cleaner watched me for god knows how long… I mean who would have thought! Having 0 privacy 750 feet above ground was a thing… I opened  the window and hung out of it with my tits all out! All he did was giggle and said “You had fun huh”. He had such a cute smile… I really couldn’t resist him.

Next thing you know he dropped down so fast and took the elevator up to my suite. As soon as I opened the door he introduced himself by kissing me so passionately as I walked him back to my bed. I made sure to close the curtains this time so none of his colleagues would catch us fucking lol. He fuckin deserves a million dollars for what he did to my pussy and brain. He is so perfect!

He made my pussy speak that night she had a mind of her own.. she was begging him for more of that wet juiced up well hung meat “metaphorically speaking”. I am a very lucky gal! Even in a high skyscraper I received what I desired! Why don’t you give me a call so I can tell you all about his GFE that night more in depth!

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