Lust over it all

latina phone sex envy

Do you want my attention? Hmmm, try harder! I don’t want you to want me. I want you to need me.

See, wanting and needing are opposites, and I won’tt accept anything other than the absolute best. It doesn’t matter how extreme it is for you to want me isn’t enough. The fact is much like, but not many try their most darn.

If you need something, you will do everything under the sun to achieve it. So when it comes to my time, you have to show me why I should spend even a sliver of my time with you. I’m expensive with great taste. I make one heck of sugar baby and excellent arm candy for any event. You have me listening to a petite Latina phone sex and gfe fun with many fandoms, Time to provide what I need to gain any benefits of having a sexy slut by your side.

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