Mutual Masturbation Stories Cuckold, Orgies and BBC

Mutual masturbation storiesI need you to indulge me in some mutual masturbation stories to explode our juices harder and faster by jacking off at work while watching some hot shemale porn. Imagine those big beautiful tits bouncing as they ride on top of you; imagine their thick dicks filling up every hole they have – including mine! It turns me on just thinking about it because nothing gets my juices flowing like knowing how much pleasure both of us will experience when this happens.

When you get home tonight, let’s make sure there are no distractions so we can focus solely on each other and our new playmate. We can take things slow or go hardcore depending on how adventurous everyone feels but either way, I promise an unforgettable night full of passionate sex acts that will leave us all satisfied beyond belief!

I love being your most obedient and obliging wife; nothing makes me happier than seeing you satisfied both physically and emotionally. So go ahead, jack off thinking about those gorgeous trans women while imagining them pleasuring both of us until we scream with delight – then come home ready to make every dirty fantasy come true!

Oh, and don’t forget about the black cock! Remember when you ate cum out of my cunt after that big manly black man, that I kept all to myself, his cock was too good and my pussy was squirting too much to share. You did enjoy I know how much you love it when they stretch out my tight little pussy. Just thinking about it makes me wetter than ever before… Imagine that huge dick filling up both of us at once – your wife and our new playmate. It’s going to be incredible!

I can already feel myself getting wet just thinking about it all; my cunt is aching for your big cock inside of me while another thick shaft takes turns pleasuring every inch of me from behind or above. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine… So please, baby – indulge in this fantasy with me tonight by jacking off hard on those dirty thoughts until we are together again soon enough!

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