My Girlfriend Experience Weekend in Miami

GFE Phone SexMy friend Josh called asking if I would accompany him for a weekend trip to Miami. I hadn’t been to Miami in awhile and was excited about the sun and warmth so I said absolutely I will go. He picked me up Friday morning and we headed to the airport where we sat first class. It was awesome. We had a few bloody Mary’s on our way and a nice breakfast. We took a cab to the hotel. Our room was on the 30th floor overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful. As I stood on the balcony enjoying the sun on my face and the ocean wind blowing my hair Josh put his arm around my waist and handed me a glass of champagne. We toasted to the start of a marvelous weekend. We drank our champagne, changed and ventured down to the beach for a little sun. We spent the afternoon laying in the sun, searching for seashells and laughing. As we walked the beach hand in hand, we stopped at this little diner on the causeway. It was a little hole in the wall, but it was delightful. We sat out on their patio and ate lunch and just talked. It was like there was only me and him in the entire restaurant. It was such a romantic afternoon. We finished and headed back to the room. Caught up in this moment I reached over to kiss him, and we ended up in the bed, making love for hours. We realized we had missed our dinner reservations and just laughed. We decided to order room service and spend the night enjoying each other. The remainder of the weekend we spent exploring the city, watching the sunrise, looking at the dolphins, perusing the shops and lots and lots of love making. We had so much fun that I didn’t want the weekend to end.

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