Naughty Teacher Evita

naughty teacherStudents love their naughty teacher Madamme Evita’s class because its the only course that gives prostrate milking for extra credit. Working at an all boys private school has its perks and one of them is having loads of young jail bait boys to turn into submissive men. In my classroom you better not even think about being a teacher’s pet because I don’t go for that shit! You only kiss my ass when you are told! If f you try you’re going to have to “bite the apple”! The apple is the big red ball gag I put in a suck up sissy’s mouth when they irritate me. If you want to be a teacher’s pet you’re going to drool with this ball in your mouth like a naughty puppy! I walk around with my long thin whip so I can give quick and abrupt lashes to the boys I catch jerking off or leaking precum. If the boys dont have permission to dribble they will get punished.
I run a very tight ship but not paying attention is the greatest offense of all! If you neglect to keep your eyes glued to my huge exposed tits or my beautiful chocolate snatch I will bring you up to the front of the class and bend you over my desk. All your classmates will watch as I humiliate you with a ball busting spanking and a deep plunges in your ass from my assistant. Usually, a teacher’s assistant is another person but my assistant is a thick 10 inch strap-on. This is all the assistance I need to make sure that my students pay close attention to their instructor.

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