Perve Uncle

sexy chicks

When I was younger, I had a guy in my family obsessed with me. He was married to my aunt Linda. Uncle Bobby ran a weird modeling gig where he would scout hot young girls and bring them back to his Studio to take pictures of and coach.  All these sexy chicks would hangout with him. There would always be pressure for me to join his weird agency.  One day I said hot, why not I have the time I just got a brand new car, and I needed help with the payments. Uncle Bobby was very weird like I said, he was an older man married to aunt Linda he brought me to his Studio Outback and began to make me model bikinis and all sorts of skanky outfits. My mind was set I knew this fucker wanted more than to sign me. Soon enough, he had me deep-throat his cock and let him fuck my ass for gigs. Perverted men are everywhere you can’t escape them. Of course I said yes to letting him fuck me because I didn’t want to loser my car1

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