Sexy babe

Sexy babeI’ve always known I am a Sexy babe. Hell, my Dad’s friends even used to call me jailbait. I wore the sluttiest clothes, heels, nails, and makeup always done. I am a high-class girl with high standards. I was raised to know that I have a golden pussy and only give it to a man that will give you literal gold. Some might call me a gold digger, but I just know what I want! I won’t take anything less than a man that is wealthy and packing a huge cock. I could settle for a cuck, that allows me to fuck other men. Or should I say allows me to fuck real men. I desire the most expensive of things, my taste in everything is very high class and I always get what I want. That’s the perks of being a smoking hot babe that knows her worth. Prime pussy gets prime men and a premium luxurious lifestyle with me, myself, and I.

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